We create Great mobile applications

We develop high quality Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. We also create high quality Android and iOS apps, based on Xamarin.

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About Us

A team focused on creating the best mobile experiences

IZILABS is a group of people, passionate about mobile apps, that work as a team, focused on creating great mobile applications and games.

With more than 10 applications developed, IZILABS members have four years of experience in mobile development, with more than 3.700.000 application downloads worldwide.

OUR KEY WORDS: Quality, Creativity, Motivation, UI design, User experience

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Windows Phone

We develop top quality Windows Phone apps

Windows 8

We create high quality Windows 8 apps or even Windows Universal Apps

IT Consulting

We provide you Software Consulting

Cross-Platform development (Xamarin)

We also build iOS and Android applications based on Xamarin


We love to think about new ideas or concepts, bringing new experiences to our users or create new products

User Experience

We care about user experience, so we try to design the best mobile apps


Main Apps

  • Backgrounds Wallpapers HD

  • Lockscreenify

  • Dress Up

  • Backgrounds HD
    (Windows Phone)

  • Backgrounds Wallpapers HD (Android)

    What our users say

    Bryan Jones

    Backgrounds Wallpapers HD
    "The best Windows 8 application out there!"

    Yohance Brown

    Backgrounds Wallpapers HD
    "Deserve 6 stars! The best wallpaper app"

    Josh Herry

    "Amazing! Love the app!"

    Elaine G.

    Backgrounds HD
    "Super bien faite! Style Metro et qualité des images excellentes"


    Andreas Vilela

    CEO & Founder / Senior Windows Phone & Windows 8 Developer (Consultant)

    Senior Windows Phone & Windows 8 developer with more than 10 applications available on the Windows Phone Marketplace and Windows 8 Store with 4 years of experience.

    Antonio Botelho

    C# Developer

    Antonio develops great mobile apps with IZILABS team. He works on Windows Phone/Windows 8 and Xamarin apps.

    Ihab Koura

    Art Designer

    Working as a part-time, Ihab is the main responsible for creating high quality Wallpapers for our 'Backgrounds Wallpapers HD' TOP FREE Windows 8 application.


    NEW RECORD - 25.000.000 users accessed our apps

    We're proud to announce a new record! 25M users accessed our apps during the past three years! Thank you!

    Background Wallpapers HD Application by IZILABS Now Enabled for Intel® AtomTM Tablets for Windows 8.1

    Our company proudly announces partnership with Intel (Premium Software Partner) and proudly announced that the customizable Background Wallpapers HD app is now available for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows 8.1. Check out full article

    NEW RECORD - 20.000.000 users accessed our apps

    We're proud to announce a new record! 20M users accessed our apps during the past two years! Thank you!

    ilovefreesoftware.com review - 'Show Weather, News, Stock Quotes on Lock Screen of Windows 8 PC: Lockscreenify'

    "Lockscreenify is a free lock screen customization app for Windows 8 which lets you personalize the default lock screen of your Windows 8 PC. The app has lot of templates that you can apply to Lock screen of Windows 8." Check out full review

    wind8apps.com have reviewed our Application. 'Backgrounds Wallpapers HD – The best Image App so far?'

    "It certainly looks this way. While I tested this free app, I loved it more and more, and after seeing what it can do, I’m sure that will love it as well." Check out full review

    Backgrounds Wallpapers HD reaches TOP 20 FREE Apps - US Market

    'Backgrounds Wallpapers HD' app has been updated and developed great new features like Schedule Tasks for lock screen, wallpaper contest and 'Slide Show' allowing users to create own Slide Shows. This all new things brought 'Backgrounds Wallpapers HD' to the TOP 20 best FREE applications in the United States. Thanks for all.

    NEW RECORD - Access of IZILABS apps

    A new record achieved. Always growing and now our counter shows 3 million access of IZILABS apps in less than one year... Thanks everyone.

    Our first application is out there!!

    First IZILABS application is out there... 'Learn animals for Kids' is now available for iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Will be available soon for iPhone too. Keep in touch with us!